In the heart of Provence time stands still – perfumed dreams and creative impulses hold sway.

This remoteness has always been a necessity to be able to materialize the clients’ longings and memories.

The past could not have been closer, in the outskirts of Grasse, the cradle of French perfume tradition that has gathered knowledge on the noble art since the 17th century.

Nevertheless, the persistent travels as well as patient years of craftsmanship embracing the philosophy of distant courts and circles has shaped our ways. Being helplessly sensitive to the refinement, no matter where it comes from, the discernment that goes into our perfumes is of a rare kind.

The spectacular perfume organ houses a maze of a thousand scents. Pyramids of jewel-toned flasks, myriads of refined petals and crystallised resins transfigured into essential oils and natural absolutes.

Sheltered from fad and fashion, this enchanted place safeguards a know-how enriched by the art of the great perfume composers, steeped in the traditions of Parfums Henry Jacques.

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